PROLOGUE (All or Nothing)

Eric Wang gazed at the blue sky and the blinding sun above him, then ran to his parents, who were sitting on a bench in the Beijing City Park. “Mom, dad, can I go to the playground in the afternoon with Andy? We haven’t played together for days!”

His mom smiled at him, then replied, “Yes, sure, I’ll contact his parents and see if they’ve got time this afternoon, alright? Now shall we go home, or do you want to play at the fountain for a bit more? Or do you want to go to the basketball court near home?”

Eric wanted to play with Andy, but basketball could be alright for now. So he answered cheerfully, “I wanna play basketball.” “Alright, let’s go then,” said his father.

After playing with his kids’ basketball for around half an hour, Eric felt tired. He looked outside the windows of the court, and saw more clouds than before. He wondered if he could stay in the city of Beijing forever.


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